Balázs Horváth
I am passionate about technology and problem solving. I started programming at a very young age. My road in technology lead to becoming a polyglot programmer with experience in both low level hardware development, systems programming and scripting. I am an open-source software and Linux enthusiast. Currently my main interests are autonomous robotics and computer vision. I hold a masters degree in Molecular Biology from ELTE with specialization in Bioinformatics. I spent my time in the IT and the Physics programmes of the same university before finally switching to bioinformatics. I am dog person, my hobbies are photography, powerlifting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Co-founded Emergence Engineering
Blockchain project for a London based Advertising company
Duration: ~half year
Wanted to do something new, I was offered to learn IBM's HyperLedger Fabric blockchain system and join an ongoing blockchain project. I developed chaincode in Go, and built an API with Fabric Node.js SDK.
AWS Certified Developer
Certification ID: 8F340GF1JJE11RCL
Fullstack React project team lead for a London based multinational company
Duration: ~3 months
Lead developer of a small team. Fullstack work, porting old solutions to- and prototyping new thing in Node.js and React.js
iOS app project team lead developer for a London based Medical-Tech startup
Duration: ~1 year
Web and iOS app development. Fullstack work: React.js, Node.js. In the second half of the project promotion to team lead developer for the project: sprint planning, task delegation, technology decisions,
IoT project for a British startup in the beef industry
Duration: ~1 year
Remotely integrated into a greenfield project, where the majority of the team was London based. Main focus on the "Internet" side of IoT. Fullstack applications with React.js, Redux, Node.js MongoDb and Python
Remote contractor for Tru2Air (US)
First project with Viktor the co-founder of Emergence Engineering
Duration: ~2 years
Remotely working for a US based IOT startup. Developing software for both hardware (panStamp, Ti MCUs) in C and web applications (React, Node.js).
Software developer intern at NetBiol
Duration: ~2 years
Analysis of biological network data with Python. Web application development with React and Node.js. Reference: http://signafish.org/
PHP developer
Duration: 1 year
Fullstack job using HTML, CSS, Javascript