Viktor Váczi
I have a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from BUTE with an embedded devices specialization. Born with a love in my heart for sciences I picked up programming at 8 and did a lot of advanced physics courses during my time at the university, and have solid mathematics foundations. Worked with a lot of different sides of tech, from GPU programming to FPGAs, ARM microcontrollers, and the web. I always look at things from the business side too, it's not enough for me for something to be interesting, the end-goal should also make sense. My goal when working for any business is to help that business achieve its goals, and not just writing code, but providing valuable feedback. I'm a pro foosball player, and a hobby musician.
Co-founded Emergence Engineering
Greenfield fullstack development project for Chapterly
Duration: ~1 year
As a part of a small but focused team helped to make Chapterly a reality. A really interesting PWA, involving an offline custom collaborative editor, an image editor, back-end document format conversion, LaTeX book generation and a lot of other things.
Front-end development project for pissup.com
Duration: 1 year
Helped in the performance optimization of the existing back office site, developed a brand new customer site. Also helped a junior developer with essentially zero React experience to get up to speed, and be a valuable part of the team.
Enterprise investment platform development
Duration: ~1 year
Node.js backend with PostgreSQL, React front-end. It was a huge application with many contributors and interesting performance optimizations.
Contract Lead developer for Tru2Air (US)
First project together with Balázs the co-founder of Emergence Engineering
Duration: 2 years
Developed a plug and play protocol over I2C and a custom protocol for accessing sensors over 6LoWPAN and RPL using RIOT and later Contiki OS. I've also worked on a Node.js backend and the React front-end. I've also created a lot of prototypes which involved a lot of SMD work, and designed / printed a custom 3d printed case.
Electrical Engineering BSc. @ BUTE
FPGA and embedded devices specialization. Before getting my degree I've started doing freelancing work for a water treatment plant. My thesis was a custom DC motor servo controller with a magnetic encoder.
FPGA competition 3rd place
At our university we had an FPGA competition with the end goal of a Tetris game. Created a VGA, synth and game logic with Verilog. For bitmap generation our two-person team made a C# application.
Hobby CNC machine
Created a working ( although not very good ) CNC machine with one of my friends and learned a lot about embedded devices, SolidWorks, CAD/CAM, LinuxCNC, mechanical design and stepper motors.