noun [U] /ɪˈmɜː.dʒəns/

Emergence refers to how collective properties of a system arise from the properties of it's parts. How behavior at a larger scale arises from the detailed structure and the relationships between the system's building components at a finer scale.

About us

Viktor Váczi
Fullstack JS | CI/CD | Electrical engineering
React.js Node.js Firebase
Balázs Horváth
Fullstack JS | Microservices | Cloud
React.js Node.js Go Firebase AWS
ProseMirror consulting

ProseMirror is a powerful toolkit to build custom web based rich-text editors. It is used by companies like The New York Times, Overleaf and many others.

Collaborative Web UIs

Sometimes UIs have to sync up instantly based on the actions of other users maybe a thousand miles away. In some cases there is a need for multiple users to see the same document and be able to edit it together.

Fullstack web development

We can design the client application that faces your users and the complex backend architectures behind it.

Cross Platform App development

We can build applications for all major mobile platforms with React Native or Ionic.

PWA development

If you wan't your app to be available on mobile and also in the browser then we can build it as a Progressive Web Application by Google's PWA standards.

Cloud development

We are experienced industry leading cloud technologies such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Hardware solutions

We can design and prototype new hardware or extend an already existing one. We can connect your application to IoT devices, sensors or actuators.


We can hold on-site trainings and extend your team's competitiveness by introducing best practices and and components that we utilise and perfected in our systems.

Why choose us?

We can do complex things, in house
Emergence Engineering is a web, mobile and hardware development agency. We plan out, design and build modern cloud based applications.
We focus on the goals of your business
We care about your business. We are not just an other development firm that does the coding. We are keen on understanding your perspective and your business goals. We will do our best to help you to achieve them. Apart from developing your solution, it is our job to help you in other fields of technology as well such as analytics and SEO.
We are flexible
We can also integrate into ongoing projects with already established workflow and a sophisticated code base.
We see the big picture
We plan out our journey through the job to make the most out of our time. We break down the project into pieces that are easy to tackle in asynchronous way. We progress through the job in an efficient agile manner, finally connecting the pieces into a finished product.
We deliver in a continuous and transparent manner
You will see how your product is improved day by day. Once the work plan has been established, we start to autonomously progress through. With our CI/CD tools, we are able to deliver the finished pieces as soon as they are done. We provide an environment where you can see the latest stable integrations, so you can share the newest improvements with your stakeholders, QA team or clients.
We are a remote first team
We value your time just as much as ours. We believe on on-demand meetings, there is no need meaningless waste of time. We tackle the pre-planned tasks asynchronously so our team members don’t have to wait on each other, no time is wasted.
We can do hardware
If your mobile application needs to communicate with specific devices, we can design, prototype and build specific hardware and firmware. We can connect your mobile application to already existing hardware solution as well.

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